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Republic Bank Limited
2017-06-29, 15:49
June 29, 2017

To whom it may concern

Recommendation for ASSL

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter serves to confirm that Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) has been a provider of security services for Republic Bank Limited for the past six years. I am satisfied with the quality of their service.

ASSL provides guarding services, electronic security services and Cash Solutions such as inter­branch Cash in Transit and ATM Replenishments. I am happy to recommend ASSL. If you require further clarification please feel free to contact the undersigned.


Sherwin Forte
Assistant Manager
Corporate Security Republic Bank Limited
First Citizens Bank Limited
2016-03-17, 16:00
17th March, 2016.


Dear Sir/Madam,

It is a distinct pleasure to recommend my valued business associate, Amalgamated
Security Services Limited (ASSL) as a company with which to do business.

The organizat ion has provided the First Citizens Bank Limited with a wide range of unprecedented service for the past fifteen (15) years. These services include but are not limited to Guard Service, Cash-In-Transit, and Consultancy. They are very customer service oriented and have been able to meet our demands within a timely manner. In addition, they continue to improve on the level of service they offer through technological and other advances.

In my capacity as Manager, Security Services Unit (Actg.), I have worked closely with ASSL for approximately eleven (11) years and I have known the Chairman for the past fifteen (15) years. Knowing him for so long, I am quite comfortable in vouching for him as a great individual and good business man.

Based on my experience, any company should be very pleased to do business with ASSL.


Fiona Perkins
Manager- Security Services Unit (Actg.)
National Insurance Property Development Company Limited
2013-02-15, 11:22
We hereby recommend Amalgamated Security Services Limited who has provided various services to NIPDEC for over fifteen (15) years. During our business relationship with Amalgamated they have:

1. Succesfully provided prisoner transport services for the past fifteen (15) years.
2.Provided reports on a timely basis.
3. Provided efficient and reliable services, under difficult conditions at times.
4. Provided services outside of the scope of the contract when required.

Amalgamated Security Services Limited has always met their contractual obligations under their contracts with NIPDEC.
2013-02-15, 10:42
I write to you today on behalf of the Directors of the Barbados Invitational Tennis Exhibition (B.I.T.E) to thank you for helping create a sucessful event - "Tennis pun de Rock" 2009.

As a reference, your services were a critical component to the smooth and incident free completion of our event, also hosting two of the world's top tennis players - Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki. The services provided by Amalgamated for which I refer are as follows:

Personal Protection of the featured players - from arrival to departure. - Serena Williams and group and Caroline Wozniacki and Family.

Coordination or overall security for the entire event - Leasing with our Security Consultant, Leasing with the Royal Barbados Police Force and Leasing with the Barbados Defense Force.

"Tennis pun d Rock" 2010 is shaping up to be quite the event, and on behalf of all the Directors, it would be a pleasure to work Amalgamated and yourself again!
The National Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago
2013-02-13, 16:10
This communication serves to confirm that the firm Amalgamated Security Services Limited has been a security service contractor for the National Insurance Board with effect from 1999 to present.

1. NIBTT Service Centres - (14) locations island wide.
2. NIBTT Administrative Centres - (2) locations.
3. Manpower requirements are met as contracted.
Re: Firearm officer
Baton officer
4. Cash in taransit service for all locations.
5. Special event security services.
6. Special operations services.

The security service provided by this firm is most outstanding and security personnel continue to be professional in the discharge of their duties.

In the circumstances I have no hesitation in recommending the firm Amalgamated Security Services Limited for the provision of security services and cash in transit services.
First Citizens Bank
2013-02-13, 09:29
On January 01st 2004, a business relationship commenced between Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) and the First Citizens Group. At that juncture, the First Citizens Group faced the real possibility of having a bank without guards to secure it as at January 01st 2004. This stemmed from the then provider advising, on December 01st 2003 that he would no longer be supplying officers from the start of the New Year. As you would imagine, thus began the frantic search to obtain a suitable provider in the limited time frame. However, after completing the tendering process it became apparent that only one firm had the ability to satisfy our requirements, i.e. Amalgamated Security Services Limited, a decision that I have never regretted to this day.

From that date to now, our relationship with ASSL has grown to the point where they now deliver a broad range of services that includes Cash in Transit (CIT), GPS tracking services for vehicles, Executive Protection Services and electronic security solutions. The latter area is the most recent of their product offerings and we have utilized them on several projects, the most recent of which has been the CCTV and Intruder Alarm systems at the One Woodbrook Place Branch. An installation that we are completely satisfied with.

From the day the relationship commenced, it was not difficult to note that the company was a highly professional one that distinguished itself from its competition by continually attempting to develop the best systems and people. From my observation and interaction with the company, their most enduring quality is that they are focused on completely satisfying the customer. When an issue arises, the Management Team ensures that the challenge is addressed at the earliest opportunity and consistently monitors to ensure that it does not recur. The company is committed to working efficiently with the client, and this often times prevents it from mushrooming into a problem of a larger scale.

In view of the above I have no hesitation in recommending ASSL to you.
Republic Bank Trinidad and Tobago
2013-02-07, 15:07
Amalgamated Security Services Ltd (ASSL) has been one of our security service providers since 2009. Since commencement they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of manned services, monitoring and response, technology and event security.

We can confidently recommend Amalgamated Security Services Ltd as a reliable security provider and experts in their field.

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