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Crime Prevention Tips

With today's upsurge in criminal activity affecting the safety and security of our families, friends, colleagues, clients and communities has resulted in the CALL for ONE and ALL to become a vigilant player in the fight against crime.

It is unfortunate that the season is saturated by such occurrences and citizens have acclimatized themselves to this way of life.

We at ASSL is committed to reducing criminal activity in our communities and the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. We have partnered with the Private Security Network Commission (PSNC) in this fight.

For providing that forward thrust to making our community and country a safe place, we have ask our employees to make a 3 key character habitual to their lifestyle as part and parcel of the first line of defense be it at work, home or in the public domain.  These are O.A.R which stands for Observe, Acquire of Report.

Once per year, we publicize an internal newsletter 'Criminal Intelligence Advisory' to our employees for making the difference. Don't be daunted by the actions of others, Make a difference and close the gap of immorality, dishonesty and deceitfulness that plague our communities.

In furtherance to the aforementioned, we aid the will power in you to employ the food of action for addressing crime and intensifying security measures at work, home and in the community.

Food for Action:

  • Heighten your level of observation
  • Be rigorous in conducting patrols
  • Monitor points of access at all locations and rigorously enforce access control protocols and policies
  • Be considerably cautions at locations where many people congregate
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