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Correction to Misinformation in the Public Domain

Contrary to recent reports within the public domain Dr. Michael Nino Aboud (Hon.), Owner and Executive Chairman of Amalgamated Security Services is not Mr. Michael Patrick Aboud. Amalgamated Security Services Ltd. publicly place on record that this individual is in no way connected to our Executive Chairman and as such members of the public should be aware of the following:

  • Dr. Michael Nino Aboud (Hon.) does not have any family or business relationship with Mr. Michael Patrick Aboud.
  • Dr. Michael Nino Aboud (Hon.) does not reside, rent or own any property in the St. Clair district.
  • There is a clear age gap between the two aforementioned individuals.

As Amalgamated Security Services has comprehensibly highlighted the evident differences between these two persons we seek to nullify all misinformation and/or misinterpretation which may have presented itself to the public recently. 

Dr. Michael Nino Aboud (Hon.) is demanding withdrawal and retraction of all misleading information from their published sources.

Published Articles:

  1. The Benevolent Mr. Aboud


The benevolent Mr Aboud

Benevolent. This word describes some of the best virtues expected of humanity. It means “wishing to do good, actively friendly and helpful; charitable.”

At the same time, in a world of distorted perceptions, people who have some or all of these qualities deserve to defend their good character when necessary. Remember, “Good name in man and woman is the immediate jewel of their souls...Who steals my purse steals trash,” etc (Shakespeare" Othello).

So it was with Michael Nino Aboud, 60, when his company found it necessary to declare in three dailies: “Contrary to recent reports within the public domain, Dr Michel Nino Aboud (Hon) owner and executive chairman of Amalgamated Security Services is not Mr Michael Patrick Aboud.”

The company added: “The company publicly place on record that this individual is in no way connected to our executive chairman and as such members of the public should be aware that Dr Aboud (Hon) does not have any family or business relationship with Mr Michael Patrick Aboud.”

Michael Patrick Aboud, 38, is now on $475,000 bail, having been the subject of police charges two weeks ago regarding alleged possession of ammunition and drugs. Of course, having pleaded not guilty, he will have his day in court.

However, as the name “Michael Aboud” swung into high gear across social media, the name confusion naturally emerged. Stereotyped suspicions persist.

Amalgamted Security Services Ltd chariman, Michael Aboud. -
Given his business reputation, social status and direct responsibility for over 5,000 employees, Dr Michael Nino Aboud's (Hon) company felt compelled to clear the air.

After all, in this free-speech society, good reputations can be – in fact, have been – fatally damaged by gossip and rumour. And this in a culture where the worst about someone is so quickly believed. It is therefore important that innocent people quickly clear their good names, even if they have to spend money to do it.

I have known Dr Aboud (Hon) for many years. His benevolence has always impressed me and the many others who know him, both in private and public domains. Ask the Police Service, the prison system, Crime Stoppers about his integrity and generosity.

Who knows otherwise about Dr Michael Aboud (Hon) could say so. I write to help a good man preserve his good reputation as I have previously done in this column for quite a few others, in and out of business, whether PNM or UNC. Some things should be above politics.

Yes, he is a successful businessman locally and regionally in a very competitive industry. And yet he has maintained a modesty that does not usually go with such success. Ask his over 5,000 employees in the various divisions of his multi-sectoral enterprise.

Expressing hurt at some who criticise his business, he recently said: “The criticisms must also take into account all the hard work, the sweat and sacrifice made.”

This is a man who started business with Curtis Cummings and a one-dog guard company in 1983. Cummings is still there as the company’s chief operations officer. At a Christmas celebration for some hundred employees, his recognition of them was extremely generous – cash, wristwatch, Alexia, etc.

He has a special section for continued assistance for company retirees. Some have been with him 15 years and over. Loyalty there is infectious, valued and rewarded. The company’s CEO, Pamela Hosein, highly qualified and internationally connected, like so many others in the company, has been there since 1987.

She said: “His company gives a percentage of profit to corporate social responsibility programmes, to employees who suffer from floods, fires and life-threatening conditions, grants to employees’ children. He has mentored many young entrepreneurs, etc.”

Like the accomplishments of Ansa McAl's and Pennywise's “starting from scratch” founders, the business and philanthropic story of Michael Aboud should be a lesson in a society where hard-headed entrepreneurship is just as good as textbook theories. His presence in and contributions to many international security bodies have earned him great respect as well as several high-prestige international awards.

Last year, the University of Trinidad and Tobago awarded him an honorary doctorate for business and entrepreneurship. Part of the rationale: “His professional and personal integrity are well known and highly regarded by his peers and the wider business community.” His benevolence is well established. His modesty is exemplified when he insists on keeping the word “Hon” after the "Dr.”

Pamela Hosein, CEO of Amalgamated Security Services Limited Profiled by ASIS International

Certification Profile: Pamela Hosein, CPP

By Steven Barnett 01 October 2019 Print Issue: October 2019

Pamela Hosein, CPPPamela Hosein, CPP, is CEO of Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL), a full-service security provider offering guarding, secure transportation, investigations, monitoring and response, electronic security, and executive services. Based in Trinidad and Tobago, ASSL operates in seven Caribbean Islands with more than 5,000 employees.

Hosein first began working for ASSL at the age of 22. With a diploma in administrative management, she started out as an executive assistant to ASSL’s managing director. In the years that followed, she rose through the corporate ranks—eventually named CEO in 2016. She credits her success to her passion, training, perseverance, and mentors along the way.

In 2009, ASSL sought out globally recognized security certifications that would empower its management team and serve as a differentiator for ASSL’s expertise. Ultimately, the company decided on ASIS International’s board certifications—the Certified Protection Professional (CPP®), Professional Certified Investigator (PCI®), and Physical Security Professional (PSP®) designations.

ASSL mandated that all managers earn either the CPP, PCI, or PSP certification, simultaneously offering salary incentives for each certification and a lofty cash award for earning all three.

“ASSL provided in-house training for us to reach this goal,” Hosein shares. “In all, 70 managers earned certification, and eight became triple certified.”

Hosein chose to pursue the CPP certification to bolster her knowledge of the security function she managed.

“The CPP bridged some gaps for me,” she explains. “Where my MBA supported me as a management professional, my CPP gets me respect as a security professional. While studying for the exam, I became more knowledgeable in areas like physical security, site surveys, and due diligence—things that are directly applicable to my day-to-day job. Having earned my CPP, I was more confident in making security decisions and meeting with clients to talk security.”

She knew she had turned the corner one day when visiting with clients to negotiate a contract. On the way to the conference room, she was led through the client’s warehouse.

“I was able to point out security and safety risks as we walked and talked,” she reminisces. “It was a moment of pride when the client asked for a detailed risk assessment—totally outside the scope of our scheduled meeting!”

Hosein, who now serves as the chair of the ASIS International Trinidad and Tobago Chapter, has won several leadership awards throughout her career, most recently being named Empowered Woman of the Year for 2019 by the International Association of Top Professionals.

She recommends CPP certification to all organization executives—even if their portfolio primarily lies outside of security.

“As you climb the corporate ladder, make certain you understand asset protection,” she advises. “The CPP certification gives you a perspective bound to impact your everyday decisions. Top-level managers will find tremendous value in the ability to protect the organization and reduce risks because this is a fundamental responsibility of every senior manager of every business.”

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Amalgamated Security Services Limited Sponsors Community Chest Ltd

Amalgamated Security proudly supported local non-profit organization 'Community Chest Ltd.' via financial contributions and ambulance services in their 2019 walkathon. Community chest's aim is to:

  • Assist the children of Trinidad and Tobago who have difficulty accessing treatment for cardiac disease and other life-threatening conditions. 
  • Assist in a wide array of interventional medicine, including orthopedic surgeries through the Princess Elizabeth Centre.

Funds were raised once more through an annual walkathon that was held around the Queen's Park Savannah on 24th September 2019, (Republic Day). The event was attended by ASSL Management namely the Chief Human Resource Officer Mr. Learie Hinds and Group Marketing Manager Mr. Robert Baur. The annual event tries to raise awareness for Community Chest's cause by completing one lap around the Queens Park Savannah. Children from various schools participated in creating a rainbow of CHILDREN HELPING CHILDREN. To ensure the safety of all participants the Archangel Ambulance Service was also on hand to render assistance where required. 

Amalgamated Security and Archangel Ambulance were glad to support Community Chest in their continued and crucial work and to help them achieve their charitable and fundraising goals.

Amalgamated Security Services Limited Participates in the International Coastal Clean-Up 2019

Amalgamated Security Services Limited took part in the International Coastal Clean-Up on September 21st, 2019 at Matura and Rincon Beach. ASSL teamed up with the Matura Nature Seekers as its selected site, which was one of 33 sites that were targeted all over Trinidad and Tobago by both private and public sector institutions to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility.

An estimated 1,191 pounds of garbage was collected at the Beach.

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