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Amalgamated Security Services Limited Donates 100 Devices to the Ministry of National Security

Amalgamated Security continues to be a pioneer and champion the cause to ensure every child is given the same opportunity to access virtual classes which resulted from the Covid-19 Pandemic. On December 30th, 2020 ASSL presented one hundred (100) devices to the Ministry of National Security’s Office of Law Enforcement Policy (OLEP) at the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Training Academy, St. James. This was done as a part of the “No Child Left Behind” Programme.

This programme was recently initiated by the Minister of National Security, the Honourable Stuart R. Young M.P; which was created to improve the quality of life of communities in the East Port of Spain district and to ensure that children in need from these communities are provided with the necessary equipment to access virtual learning.

The “No Child Left Behind” programme through OLEP partnered with the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) Hearts and Minds Programme, to identify students in the East Port of Spain district, from primary to tertiary stage, who are in need of devices to facilitate virtual learning.



  1. 100 devices donated by Amalgamated Security to No Child Left Behind Programme:
  2. Amalgamated Security donates 100 devices for online learning:

Amalgamated Security Services Limited Co-Sponsors La Cuidad De Brazil Christmas Society

At the end of December 2020, Amalgamated Security Services Ltd. co-sponsored La Ciudad de Brazil Christmas Society’s Annual Children’s Christmas event which was themed "Christmas Cheer amid Covid-19." The La Ciudad de Brazil Christmas Society is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that is committed to promoting literacy, good values, and a love for community and country which are all an excellent foundation that Amalgamated Security Services as a corporate citizen cares about.

Due to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, this year's Christmas event was not be held at the San Raphael Community Centre. Instead, a core team of volunteers distributed books, toys, and, snack bags to the children in the area. Everything was done in accordance with the Covid-19 protocols such as mask-wearing, social distancing, and continuous sanitization.

Prizes were distributed for coloring, reading, singing and other talents. Moreover, it is a clever approach to boost the love for reading and to further promote and develop literacy in the community. Also included this year were two new prizes; the Nelson Mandela Book Prize and the Dana Seetahal Book Prize. Annually this event caters to over 100 children from San Rafael, Brazil, Las Lomas, Talparo, and La Hoquetta district.

Congratulations to Successful Employees in Achieving Port Facility Security Officer and Certified Protection Professional Certifications

The Executive, Management, and Staff at ASSL would like to congratulate the following members of staff on the successful completion of their respective programs:

  • Mr. Albert Cummings – Certified Protection Professional (CPP)
  • Mr. Ace Hosein – Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)
  • Mr. Ganase Balkissoon – Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)
  • Mr. Melvin Aberdeen – Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)


From left to right: Mr. Balkissoon, Mr. Hosein, and Mr. Aberdeen with their facilitator during the PFSO Training.                             




















Mr. Albert Cummings

Success does not lie in the results but in the efforts put into achieving your goals and for this we say ‘well done’!

Amalgamated Security Services Limited, Anthony Joseph Foundation Awards Forty-Eight SEA Grants

ASSL is proud to announce the recipients of the Anthony Joseph Foundation Grant. This year 2020 has proven to be unprecedented and riddled with challenges, however, our support to our children has not dwindled or wavered.

The Anthony Joseph Foundation was launched in 2016 by Amalgamated Security Services Limited in memory of the late Cpl. Anthony Joseph died in December 2015 in the line of duty. Anthony Joseph served the company for over 30 years with exemplary loyalty and dedication.

From inception to present the Anthony Joseph Foundation has been committed to supporting the sons and daughters of ASSL as they journey into Secondary School by annually distributing grants in the amount of $500.00 to each successful student of the Secondary Entrance Assessment for that year. This year there were forty-seven recipients. 

Therefore it is with utmost pride that we recognize them below:  

Emp # Employee Name Child's Name Division
9848 Alleyne Paul Soriya Alleyne Admin - ESIS
1612 Bacchus Vernon Whitney Bacchus Firearms & Courier
11689 Baur Robert Annabella Lee Baur Admin - Marketing
6085 Beckles Kiesia Rohan Riley Tobago   
8934 Brewster Judy  Akinde Carew South   
7900 Burris Volma Kwame Burris North
17046 Charles Laurel Lashawna Charles East Central
10738 Clement Cheryl Ann Afaisha Forbes Admin - Support Services
4871 Daniel Darcelle Faith Anthony North West     
12154 De Freitas Abigail Makelah De Freitas East
8331 Francis-Fryer Sherry Matthew Goolcharan Central
16917 Gervais Leslie-Ann Tyrell Gervais East Central
5832 Graham Ramona Shaquille Mc Hardy East
10157 Graham Janicke Keniece Charles Tobago   
5025 Hamel-Smith Stephen  Caitlin Hamel-Smith Admin - ICT
16923 Holder-McBurnie Ayanna Naomi Duncan South Central     
15252 Jack Kirlon Kirlicia Jack North   
10933 Jeffers Tito  Jasmine Baptiste Firearms & Courier
15254 Jessop Christopher Kanye Jessop North East     
15254 Jessop Christopher Malikk Jessop North East     
14902 Joefield Annette Vernon Flemming South Central     
7187 Johnson-Nelson Rebecca Jemyah Nelson South   
16856 Joseph Samantha Celiese Joseph South   
671 Kennedy James Mauricia Thompson Firearms & Courier
7559 Lewis Keisha Keishon Redhead South West  
17093 Mc Conney Kaiesha Kareem Mc Conney Tobago   
9348 Melville Curtis  Na'ila Melville South Central     
9691 Mohammed-Jack Alisha Aleah Sookoo Admin - HR Training
2940 Nedd-Alexander Lucille  Jahlon Alexander East
12474 Perry Kimberly Ciara Paul North   
10234 Phillips Wendy Jaeyon Manswell Tobago   
15310 Pierre Bianca Malizha Pierre Central
9225 Ramraj Basdeo Gabriella Ramraj Firearms & Courier
13743 Reyes Angela Nicholas Sobers East Central
1839 Rivers David Dafina Rivers Firearms & Courier
6497 Roberts Lesley Ann Shaday Charles South   
15339 Rogers Melissa Josiah Rogers East 
16670 Sammy Kernisha Khymani Sammy Admin - CCC
11575 Scepture Afesha Onella Hepburn South East  
2527 Scotland Leslie Joshua Scotland Firearms & Courier
13492 St. Clair Cassandra Shamika John South East  
14680 St. Louis-Douglas Merlyn Kerdell Douglas CIU
13665 Thomas Kareem Jareem Thomas North West     
10161 Thomas Akeisha Diyonte Thomas Tobago   
15913 Timothy Kishe Kaedon Timothy Admin - Finance
10144 Turner Kelly Kylie Thomas Tobago   
13424 Wears-Inniss Natasha Kess Inniss East

  ASSL stands committed to our children, we are proud to give back to our employees and by extension our communities in an effort to promote our children’s positive achievements. 

Congratulations to all our children.

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