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Amalgamated Security Services Limited Sponsors Community Chest Ltd

Amalgamated Security proudly supported local non-profit organization 'Community Chest Ltd.' via financial contributions and ambulance services in their 2019 walkathon. Community chest's aim is to:

  • Assist the children of Trinidad and Tobago who have difficulty accessing treatment for cardiac disease and other life-threatening conditions. 
  • Assist in a wide array of interventional medicine, including orthopedic surgeries through the Princess Elizabeth Centre.

Funds were raised once more through an annual walkathon that was held around the Queen's Park Savannah on 24th September 2019, (Republic Day). The event was attended by ASSL Management namely the Chief Human Resource Officer Mr. Learie Hinds and Group Marketing Manager Mr. Robert Baur. The annual event tries to raise awareness for Community Chest's cause by completing one lap around the Queens Park Savannah. Children from various schools participated in creating a rainbow of CHILDREN HELPING CHILDREN. To ensure the safety of all participants the Archangel Ambulance Service was also on hand to render assistance where required. 

Amalgamated Security and Archangel Ambulance were glad to support Community Chest in their continued and crucial work and to help them achieve their charitable and fundraising goals.

Amalgamated Security Services Limited Participates in the International Coastal Clean-Up 2019

Amalgamated Security Services Limited took part in the International Coastal Clean-Up on September 21st, 2019 at Matura and Rincon Beach. ASSL teamed up with the Matura Nature Seekers as its selected site, which was one of 33 sites that were targeted all over Trinidad and Tobago by both private and public sector institutions to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility.

An estimated 1,191 pounds of garbage was collected at the Beach.

Amalgamated Security Services Limited, Anthony Joseph Foundation Awards Fifty SEA Grants

Amalgamated Security Services Ltd awarded over 50 grants to children of it's employees who were successful in the 2019 SEA examinations.

The grant distribution was held at Amalgamated Security Centre, Chaguanas yesterday.

Proud parents turned out with their children to receive the $500 grants.

CEO Amalgamated Security Services Pamela Hosein offered words of advice to both students and parents, saying, "I'd like to say sometimes we tend to focus on careers and job titles, we have to be a little bit mindful of this because we put unnecessary pressure on the children. Don't focus on job titles, focus on what you like to do and make a career off of that. You are more likely to be happy. To everyone I hope you apply yourself and create a good balance among school family, friends and God."

The grant awardees were also given warnings and advice from past grant awardee Adaylia-Marie Beddoe.

"Undoubtedly the move from primary to secondary school is a major transition you will come across new faces, new friends, you have to understand your teachers and the volume of work increases significantly," Beddoe said. "You would meet new people with different personalities and different mindsets. Open you mind to new people embracing new experiences and a different school culture. I warn you do not judge people by the way they look, what they may possess, their financial status or if they're just simply different from you." Beddoe urged the new secondary schoolers.

The grant initiative was started in 2016 under the Anthony Joseph Foundation. The foundation was started in memory of ASSL employee Anthony Joseph, who was killed in the line of duty in 2015 and had worked for the company for 30 years. The aim was to support and assist the children of ASSL employees as they make the transition from primary to secondary school.

Since starting four years ago, the foundation has helped 200 children.


  2. Amalgamated Awards 50 SEA grants

Executive Chairman, Dr. Michael Aboud (Hon.) Note to the Recipients of Anthony Joseph Foundation Book Grant 2019

Good morning to everyone and I would like to start off with an apology for not being present to personally congratulate each and every one of you for your successful achievement in passing your common entrance exam 2019. This is in itself a milestone accomplishment that should not go unnoticed and I say congratulation. Your hard work and commitment are a clear sign that you are on the right path of academic success and ultimately you have begun to write your own success story in life. As a mark of acknowledgment for your well-deserving success at this exam, the Anthony joseph foundation which was set up to continue to keep in memory a fallen hero and a son of Amalgamated security has granted each of you 500 dollars towards you book purchases for the academic year 2019.

As you embark on yet another journey in life I have a few words of advice to give
Stay focus on your commitment towards your academic goals
Be wise to what is best for you …don't be fooled as what glitters is not always gold
Always listen and respect your elders and keep them proud of your actions
Be patriotic and love your country your family and God

In closing may God continue to bless each and everyone including your parents and or guardians and may he continue to shine the light to guide us and continue to protect us as we go about our daily lives….thank you

Executive Chairman
Dr. Michael Aboud (Hon.)

Amalgamated Security Services Sponsors the Trinidad & Tobago Prison Service Flag Inauguration and Unveiling of Memorial Garden Ceremony

Executive Chairman's Message In Honoring Fallen Heroes within the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service - August 28th, 2019

The Board of Directors, Executive Managers, and Staff of Amalgamated Security Services Limited join with the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service in honoring its fallen heroes through a unique sponsorship opportunity.

Today's ceremony takes a look back and bestows respect and gratitude to the Correctional Officers (Cos) who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Behind the walls there are Officers who protect and serve in silence daily, they are the forgotten heroes who often go unnoticed by the public.

Our organization pays full respect to these fallen heroes and our current warriors as we memorialize the sacrifices they made for the sake of our safety, our children's generations, and our nation's future. As the benefactors of their legacy, we must ensure that the achievements and sacrifices of those who served are never forgotten.

Let us remind their families and the corrections community that even though these brave warriors are gone, they will never be forgotten. This noble profession is courageous, admirable and comes with significant risks. In this field, Cos are placed in a variety of environments and circumstances both inside and outside the walls. It is important for us to recognize and honor all the brave men and women. Stay vigilant. Stay safe.

Dr. Michael Aboud (Hon.)
Executive Chairman

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