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Amalgamated Security Services Sponsors Gally's Football Finishing School Specialist Clinics

Gally's Football Finishing School will again host a series of specialist clinics to expose young players to the art of finishing throughout Trinidad and Tobago. The programme will be free to participants because of sponsorship from Amalgamated Security Services Limited. Amalgamated Security Services is supporting the idea to help develop talent in Enterprise, New Settlement, Felicity, Edinburgh 500 and the environs come July. 

According to Everard ‘Gally’ Cummings, who is a former Trinidad and Tobago Men's National Senior Team Coach and Technical Director, this is a skill that is generally lacking in our football at all levels.

He has dedicated some time to impart to the young boys & girls between ages 7 and 17, this skill which he mastered during his playing career as a national and professional footballer.

Published Article: 

Amalgamated Security Services Sponsors 3rd Biennial Department of Behavioural Sciences Postgraduate Conference

On March 22nd – 23rd, 2017, the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus hosted its 3rd Biennial Department of Behavioural Sciences Postgraduate Conference: An interdisciplinary conference for faculty and students at the Learning Resource Centre (LRC).

The Department of Behavioural Sciences (DOBS) invited faculty members and students from campuses across the region and international universities, governmental ministries, private sector companies, stakeholders and the general public to join them in an academic conference titled “ The Importance of Social Sciences research in the Caribbean: Alleviating Inequalities/Integrating Approaches”. Director and Head of Caribbean Forensic Services, Maurice J. ABoud, PhD. presented a paper on Understanding the Impact of Forensic Science on the Criminal Justice System, see excerpt below:

Understanding the Impact of Forensic Science on the Criminal Justice System Maurice J. Aboud, PhD. 

1* 1Caribbean Forensic Services, 11 Taylor Street, Woodbrook, Trinidad & Tobago

After attending this presentation, attendees will understand the impact of forensic science on the criminal justice system. Attendees will gain a greater appreciation for forensic science, its applications and how it can be used to help assist the fight against crime.

In the Caribbean Region, we are facing some challenging times with regard to crime and its impact on our society. Law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system are inundated with casework and public pressure for higher conviction rates. Forensics Science can provide one such avenue to assist law enforcement agencies, the criminal justice system and increase the public’s confidence in the overall justice system. The purpose of forensics science is to assist in proving that a crime has been committed, establish key evidence of a crime, help identify a suspect or victim, put the suspect and victim into contact at a crime scene and corroborate suspects or victim’s testimony.

It is important to understand how forensic science can aid in converting evidence to valuable information which is then used in the criminal justice system for prosecution, conviction and exoneration. Law enforcement agencies spend a great deal of effort and time trying to collect forensic evidence starting from the crime scene and throughout the entire investigative process. While in the Caribbean region there are shortfalls in many of the steps within the process, the focus of this discussion would be understanding the impact it has and not analysing the deficiencies, although some may be highlighted throughout the discussion.

Prosecutors on the other hand have a greater inclination to move forward with a case if forensic evidence is present, as it provides them with a “smoking gun” to help prove a suspects’ guilt. The need for forensic evidence ultimately trickles down to the jurors who “expects” forensic evidence and without it raises an addition form of doubt that may or may not exist.

In summary the use of forensic science can have a great impact for law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system which ultimately can yield to higher public confidence and greater social coexistence.

Amalgamated Security Services Limited Sponsors Xhosa Southern Select at the 2016 FLOW Rugby Barbados World 7s

At the recently-concluded FLOW Rugby Barbados World 7s which was held in Barbados on the 8th to the 12th December 2016 the organizers of the event were able to attract fifteen (15) rugby teams, some of these teams hailed from within the Caribbean region and some from outside the region. The year 2016 saw most participating teams ever in the history of Caribbean 7s tournaments.

With regards to the competitive aspect of the games on the men’s side of the competition, in a riveting battle on pitch, one that left spectators on the edge of their seats, Xhosa Southern Select of Trinidad and Tobago whose sponsor was Amalgamated Security Services walked away with the second prize winning the overall silver medal of the competition in addition to other special prizes.

Many express their satisfaction with the standard of rugby played this year, which was extremely high. Organizers and sponsors of the event were exceptionally pleased and believe that they have made positive in roads that can only be beneficial to everyone involved inclusive of the players, organizers and sponsors. Plans are already under way to increase the number of competing teams substantially next year.




Amalgamated Security Services Sponsors a Divali Gift to the Nation Comedy Show

Amalgamated Security Services sponsored a Divali Gift to the nation with a Comedy Show on 22 Oct. 2016. The show was held at the Centre Point Mall in Chaguanas
The cast of the show included:

  • Peter Joseph
  • Learie Joseph
  • Tommy Joseph 
  • Brandon and Brandath Ramnath
  • The Saint
  • Eirnil Harry
  • Bernard Brereton
  • Spangalang
  • Knuts Landing 
  • Princess Margaret

As a gesture of good faith and support to our local culture Amalgamated Security Services Limited gifted 500 employees with free tickets. The comedy show main purpose was to be stress reliever to its employees during these economic hard times. 


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