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Amalgamated Security Services Limited sponsors International LEAF award for the University School

The University School, St Augustine Trinidad has successfully completed a full cycle of the Learning About Forests (LEAF) programme that has entitled them to the international LEAF Award for 2018. The University School is the first school in Trinidad and Tobago to receive the prestigious LEAF Award.

The University School generated creative and innovative ways of engaging students in activities throughout the entire year in the Math, Science, Social Studies and Arts subject areas. Many of the activities have been acknowledged and documented as global LEAF best practices including mangrove tree planting at Caroni swamp, the Mangrove Project Comparative Study, Spoken Word, a Forest Carnival Band and video conferencing with students from Ireland about their forest projects.

The University School has expressed their delight in participating in the LEAF programme because of their ongoing commitment to enlightened and self-reliant children, having moral and cultural values which produce caring and nurturing members of society. The members of staff at the University School were able to successfully involve the entire student population in LEAF activities throughout the year.

The school as already expressed their willingness to participate in the 2018/2019 LEAF programme under the theme "Forest and Sustainable Cities" a theme very relevant to their geographical space and which ties in with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) initiatives. LEAF students will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of urban forests for battling climate change, stimulating biodiversity, and benefiting local communities.

On Friday 12th October, 2018 in a brief ceremony, the University School received their official LEAF award for the 2017/2018 cycle from Green TnT which was sponsored by Amalgamated Security Services Limited.

In the photos (left to right):
Robert Baur: Group Manager Amalgamated Security Services Limited
Odessa Vincent-Brown Principal of the University School
Tenisha Brown-Williams Director Green T&T, National Coordinator of the LEAF Programme

Amalgamated Security Services (Barbados) Limited Presents Gift Vouchers to Children of Officers Successful at the 11+ Examinations

Amalgamated Security Services (Barbados) Limited congratulated children of security officers who were successful in their 11+examinations and presented the kids with a gift voucher which can be redeemed at Cave Shepherd for school supplies.

Amalgamated Security Services Sponsors Eye on Dependency (EOD) on Radio I95.5 FM

“Continuing to be a good corporate citizen, Amalgamated Security has responded to a request from ‘Eye On Dependency’, a very popular show on radio i95.5FM – for the next couple of months ASSL will not only sponsor the show and thereby allow it to stay live to fulfill its meaningful purpose, but also send representatives of the ASSL Family on the show to introduce the listenership to facets of ASSL that may not be known to the public that much.

In conformance with the show’s tag line “Every Life is a Biography”, employees of Amalgamated Security will also share their success stories on air. On Sunday, 05th of August 2018, a high ranking team of managers opened the series of shows: Director and Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Curtis Cummings; Regional Development Director, Mr. Brian Ramsey; and Deputy Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Ricardo La Borde introduced ASSL to show hosts Natasha & Garth St. Clair and Kyle Saunders as well as their audience.

Show hosts and ASSL managers intensely discussed topics of interest, and the Amalgamated Security management team also gave a little forecast as to what listeners can expect to hear over the next few months. Listen to the recording and join us every other Sunday on radio i95.5FM from 6:15 to 8:00 pm. The next show with ASSL will be broadcasted on the 19th of August 2018.”

Amalgamated Security Services Wins Best Presentation at St. Anthony's Tigers Can Cook 2018

As a proud corporate citizen, Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) continues to work with communities and organizations to improve the lives of persons within these communities served. In this context, ASSL participated in the “St. Anthony’s Tigers Can Cook” event held on Saturday 7th of July 2018 at the St. Anthony’s College Grounds, Westmoorings.

ASSL along with other companies and individuals sponsored a variety of food items and drinks for the event. Through the sale of tickets, the St. Anthony’s Old Boys Alumni raised funds to assist the College in various projects associated to the improvement of the school facilities and edifying offers.

In order to ensure the best foods were presented, served and the flavor surpassed expectation, the cookout’s organizers awarded prizes in the following categories:

  • Most creatively named dish
  • Best presentation 
  • Best tasting dish

ASSL won in the category of best presentation for our Coconut Pineapple Fish, named Sochi Kick Off.

The ASSL tent was also very interactive thanks to the Amalgamated Security Promotional Girls who served and entertained patrons both young and old. ASSL proudly offered four mouth-watering dishes named after our theme “Welcome to Russia 2018” which was a FIFIA World Cup 2018 inspired theme. The dishes were:

  • Fish – Sochi Kick Off (Coconut Pineapple Fish)
  • Pork - Red Card in Saint Petersburg (Ram Style Pork)
  • Lamb – Extra Time in Kazan (Orange Marmalade Sauce)
  • Beef – Most-COW (Moscow) Miss Penalty (Chinese Style Beef)

Patrons were also entertained by a live DJ, a pannist and two musical artistes. All and all it was a well spent evening with good company, great family atmosphere and glorious food – all for a good cause.

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