Amalgamated Security Services Limited Corporate Site - Location Based Services in Trinidad and Tobago with Vehicle Tracking and Cell Phone Tracking Tue, 05 Jul 2022 02:15:35 -0400 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb (Amalgamated Security Services Limited Corporate Site) Our Chief Executive Officer's Statement Welcome to Amalgamated Security!

As you navigate our website, I hope you learn more about the talents that make our company an outstanding provider of security services and products, and a great place to build a career.

Why we do what we do

At ASSL, we have experts in security and management, who challenge the status quo and integrate technology, weapons, and canines with trained manpower to create great security solutions for asset protection. Our strength is in the collective capabilities of our employees. We have earned a reputation for protecting people, information and assets.

We have a client first philosophy, so it is essential that we align our actions to meet consumer needs. To do that, we believe it is important to build upon our current quality management system which affirms our commitment to serving our valued stakeholders: clients, employees, contractors, and the wider society, with customers at its core. To this end, we have developed a concrete strategic action plan focused on our mission to keep pace with emerging trends and empower our well-trained employees while growing a dynamic organization. We are committed to fulfilling the expectations of our customers and working responsibly, striving for quality in everything we do, through continuous improvement, and leveraging diversity across the organization.

Our values and culture
ASSL’s culture is defined by simple values that define how we operate every single day – Honesty, Care, Safety, Innovation, and Pride – that reflect how we interact with stakeholders. We hold each other accountable for creating a company we can all be proud to work in, behind a philosophy that “all employee performance = corporate performance”.

We have established website portals for our valued customers, employees, and contractors for ease of access to information and to communicate in a transparent and efficient manner.

Some things don’t change
While we have implemented several changes with the advent of my appointment as CEO, it is also important to note what has not changed at Amalgamated Security. These are our commitments to providing exceptional client service and to living our core values: Excellence in Service, Honesty and Transparency, Care for Employees, Customer Focus, Open Door Policy.
I hope this provides you with a few reasons to get to know Amalgamated Security.

Pamela Hosein
Chief Executive Officer
Amalgamated Security Services Limited

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Our Publications Our Marketing Department is responsible for promoting, branding and executing the company's Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

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ASSL Whistleblowing (See Something Say Something) ASSL through its Code of Conduct requires employees to observe high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities. Employees must practice honesty, integrity and loyalty in fulfilling their responsibilities and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.  ASSL encourages whistleblowing as a measure to protect the welfare and well-being of employees, the company and all stakeholders, providing that persons act in good faith, to report any suspected act of misconduct by employees, or risk/threat to ASSL and its stakeholders.  This policy ensures the protection of individuals who report activities believed to be illegal, dishonest, unethical, or otherwise improper. 

Potential breaches of ASSL's Code of Ethics and Conduct include:

  • Employee relations and human resources issues, such as harassment, discrimination, or misconduct.;
  • Ethics and compliance issues, such as financial reporting, insider trading, bribers or conflicts of interest;
  • Loss prevention and asset protection issues, such as criminal activity (for example fraud, threats and violence, alcohol/drug abuse or internal theft), the security and protection of assets and facilities or actions involving harm to the environment; and
  • Health and Safety, such as taking unnecessary risks, not following mandatory guidelines or false reporting.

Seeing Something and Saying Something

The most effective way to raise a concern is to do so openly. Openness makes it easier to assess the concern, investigate where appropriate and to obtain more information if required. However, we understand that in certain circumstances, those reporting issues of concern would like to do so anonymously and in those circumstances all concerns reported will be treated in confidence. The person’s name or details will not be revealed to any party without their consent.

Whilst ASSL encourages whistleblowers to identify themselves, anonymous calls will be taken equally seriously and investigated as fully as possible. However, the effectiveness of any investigation may be limited where an individual chooses not to be identified. It is the whistleblowers decision if they choose to remain anonymous and there is never any tracking or covert attempt to discover a whistleblowers identity.

ASSL encourages anyone reporting a violation to identify himself or herself when making a report to facilitate the investigation of the violation. However, reports may be submitted anonymously by filling out the online Whistleblower Reporting Form or calling the Telecare Hotline  Trinidad:1-868-330-1133/1-868-681-7711. Barbados: (246) 836-4164.

Seeing Something and Saying Something  - ASSL's Response

ASSL will promptly investigate, all concerns raised and:

  • use reasonable endeavours to keep the identity of the individual raising a concern and the information received confidential, while recognising that ASSL may, in certain circumstances, be required to disclose information and identities of individuals, for example in legal proceedings or government investigations;
  • when appropriate, provide feedback to the individual who raised the concern;
  • track the progress of each case, implement recommendations and ensure that appropriate actions are taken, including disciplinary action when required; and
  • where appropriate, report actual or suspected breaches of  law to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

The first step in submitting a report is to choose the primary issue that you are reporting. Please select one of the following choices that best fits your issue:

Major Classification Sub-Classification Description
Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Respect in the Workplace Discrimination Statements or actions based on age, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, disability or religion that are the basis for employment, promotion or compensation decisions.
  Harassment - Sexual Statements or actions expressing unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, unsolicited physical contact or propositions, unwelcome flirtations, or offensive verbal or visual expressions or physical conduct of a sexual nature.
  Harassment - Workplace Persistent statements, conduct or actions that are uninvited, degrading, offensive, humiliating or intimidating and create an unpleasant or hostile environment. 
  Retaliation or Retribution Statements or actions discharging, demoting, suspending, threatening, harassing or discriminating against an employee because of any lawful act taken by such employee in connection with reporting a violation of law or policy, filing a complaint, or assisting with an investigation or proceeding. 
Employee Relations Conflict of Interest Any personal interest, any business or professional activity or relationship, prior or current employment, or any obligation that may interfere with the ability to objectively perform job duties and responsibilities or impair independence and objectivity.
  Inappropriate Behavior Statements or actions that are not harassing in nature, but are believed to be unsuitable for the workplace.
  Unfair Employment Practices Employment decisions, practices or disciplinary actions that are believed to be unfair regardless of whether they are the result of job performance, changes in business needs or other business related decisions.
Environmental, Health and Safety Environment, Health and Safety Conduct, actions, policies or practices that either violate local environmental, health or safety laws or regulations or may cause or result in potentially hazardous conditions that impact the environment or the health or safety of employees, customers or others.
  Substance Abuse The lawful use, possession, sale, conveyance, distribution, concealment, transportation or manufacture or illegal drugs, intoxicants, controlled substances or drug paraphernalia in the workplace or while conducting business.
  Threats and Physical Violence Statements or actions that threaten acts of violence or the presence of weapons, firearms, ammunition, explosives or incendiary devices in the workplace, on work premises or in work vehicles.
Financial Concerns Accounting and Auditing Practices Statements or actions that violate or conflict with either internal policies, procedures, or practices or government regulations related to the detailed reporting of the financial state or transactions of an organization or the examination, verification, or correction of its financial accounts.
  Conflict of Interest - Financial Any financial interest, any business or professional activity, prior or current employment, or any obligation that may interfere with the ability to objectively perform job duties and responsibilities or impair independence and objectivity.
  Gifts, bribers and Kickbacks Payments, payments in kind, gifts, bribers, extensions or credit or benefits extended to or received by customers, employees, suppliers, vendors, competitors, directors, officers, auditors, government employees, government officials or agencies, or other parties that are unlawful, improper, or designed to influence business decisions or political processes.
  Trading on Inside Information The purchase or sale of stock or other securities based on non-public and material information obtained during the course of employment or providing such information to another person who purchases or sells stock or other securities based upon that information.
Misuse or Misappropriation of Assets Customer Relations Statements or actions that are negatively impacting or interfering with customers, customer relationships or customer agreements.
  Disclosure of Confidential Information The unauthorized or illegal disclosure, copying, duplication, misuse or release or confidential or personal data including but not limited to employment, financial medical and health, customer lists, contracts, business plans, personnel records or other property marked or generally regarded as confidential or trade secrets.
  Misuse of Resources The improper, unauthorized or unlicensed use of property or resources for non-business related reasons or purposes including improper use of systems and timekeeping.
  Theft The unauthorized removal or taking or supplies, equipment, furniture, fixtures, products, cash, merchandise or other tangible property.
Other Guidance Request Statements actions or policies that concern the caller but are not currently resulting in harm, injury or corporate liability and cannot be included in any other category.
Policy and Process Integrity Antitrust or Fair Trading Discussions or agreements with competitors about prices or credit terms, submission of bids or offers, allocation of markets or customers, restrictions on production, distribution or boycotts or suppliers or customers that would result in monopolization or anti-competitive markets.
  Espionage or Sabotage Actions that result in the gathering, receipt or acceptance or non-public confidential information or trade secrets about competitors to gain a competitive advantage or the deliberate destruction, disruption or damage to a competitor's equipment or property for competitive advantage or gain.
  Falsification or Destruction of Information Statements or actions that encourage or result in unlawful, untimely, false or intentional misrepresentation, concealment or destruction of information in order to deceive or mislead.
  Quality Control Complaints about product or service quality or effectiveness; allegations of product tampering; violation of policies and practices for manufacturing controls; allegations of non-compliance with product standards or service delivery.
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Discover Amalgamated Security Services Limited This year Amalgamated Security Services Limited celebrates 33, but the company’s roots extend well into the late 20th century, and have earned a Caribbean reputation for developing and incorporating innovative and effective solutions to challenging security related problems. Explore this timeline to discover Amalgamated Security Services Limited and its mark in security services. 

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Amalgamated Security Retirees Amalgamated Security Services dedication to its employees does not end at retirement. This page provides information relative to benefits, news and discounts for retirees. 




Who retired from Amalgamated Security in twenty seventeen?

  1. Albert Dominique
  2. Andre Durity
  3. Davis Douglas
  4. Dennis Small
  5. Hamilton De Verteuil
  6. Kelvin Romeo
  7. Lloyd Rocke
  8. Micheal George
  9. Mortimer Hewitt
  10. Roy Lewis
  11. Steve Alleyne
  12. Zacharie Cassanova

Who retired from Amalgamated Security in twenty eighteen?

  1. Alston Bousigard
  2. Andy Lyons
  3. Ann Marie Atteck
  4. Anselm Julien
  5. Anthony Cummings
  6. Antonia Kirton
  7. Arthur Peters
  8. Carl Stanislaus
  9. Carlyle Copeland
  10. Clive Sammy
  11. Clyde James
  12. Colin O'Neil
  13. Cyril Castro
  14. David Balliram
  15. Duncan Stewart
  16. Emmanuel Forde
  17. Errol Bethelmy
  18. Evelyn Malco
  19. Everist Valdez
  20. Farly Liverpool
  21. Fitzroy Ettienne
  22. Francis Fabio
  23. Franklyn King
  24. Gilbert Sinnette
  25. Glen Forde
  26. Godson Andrews
  27. Hilda Celestine
  28. Horace Warden
  29. James Villaroel
  30. Joan Joseph-Guy
  31. John Leacock
  32. John Telesford
  33. Jonathan Romero
  34. Joseph Checkley
  35. Judy Cadoo
  36. Kelvin Correa
  37. Kelvin Halls
  38. Lennox Watson
  39. Leo Phillip
  40. Louis Driscoll
  41. Marilyn Goberdhan
  42. Martha David
  43. Michael Gomez
  44. Michael Robinson
  45. Osmond Jobe
  46. Owen Cadogan
  47. Peter Black 
  48. Phillip Estrada
  49. Rennie Guevarra
  50. Roger Rivas
  51. Rollister Benn
  52. Sieucharan Gocool
  53. Solomon Gonzales
  54. Stephen Fullerton
  55. Thierry WIlliams
  56. Vaughn Brown
  57. Verna La Chapelle
  58. Victor Singh
  59. Wilfred Farrier
  60. William Pitt
  61. Winston Springer
  62. Yvonne Jones
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Amalgamated Security Services, Ltd Engagement of Certification of Management System to ANSI/ASIS PSC.1-2012, ISO 18788:2015 and ISO 9001:2015

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GDPR Compliance Your Data

You have entrusted us with your personal data. Our Privacy Policy

Data recorded by 3rd party services :

For business, analytical and administrative purposes, our website also employs the following 3rd party services: 

  • Scheduled updates / newsletter are handled by acymailing and may have your email, IP addresses used to open emails and geographical data as provided by browsers.
  • We employ sales modules/apps for providing sales, pre-sales support and based on your interaction, your email, IP address and location may have been recorded.
  • Outgoing emails are handled by and they maintain the delivery reports for each mail for 90 days, as per their policy.
  • Anonymous data for analytics is collected by Google Analytics, and such data does not contain any personal identifiable records of any user.

Request Manual Deletion

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Corporate Intranet Steps to Connecting to ASSL Corporate Intranet

  1. If you have access to VPN or have previously been setup by ICT to VPN proceed to connect to your VPN access
  2. Copy URL and paste into browser or click the link

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ASSL At A Glance Since its founding in 1983, Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) has grown dynamically supplying services and solutions to a variety of markets. Through our diversity, we provide a wide spectrum of services and solutions which include but not limited to:- guarding, secure transportation, investigations, monitoring and response, electronic security and executive services.

Today Amalgamated Security Services Limited is the provider of security services throughout Trinidad and Tobago with thirteen (13) operational bases in Trinidad & Tobago. We are headquartered at 74-76 Macoya Road, Macoya, Tunapuna, Trinidad. In addition, ASSL is the parent company for subsidiaries in various Caribbean countries.

In order to meet and anticipate the unique needs of our customers, Amalgamated Security Services Limited structure includes  segments called 'Departments', 'Divisions' and/or 'Business Units' as represented below in our insignias. No matter the expectation or need for security Amalgamated Security Services Limited can assist in achieving that peace of mind by providing “Total Protection”.

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Our Corporate Social Responsibility Amalgamated Security, as part of its regional Corporate Social Responsibility, launched a program that funds and provides equipment as well as training in lifesaving skills to Public Law Enforcement agencies. The program’s acronym, ASSL, is the same as for Amalgamated Security Services Limited. However, in the context of this program the letters ASSL stand for Amalgamated Security Saving Lives’.

Under the program, Amalgamated Security can be approached through a simple request at which point an assessment will be done to determine how and if the program can provide the help needed. The Amalgamated Security Saving Lives program is open to all Caribbean Police Forces that are members of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police.

With reference to the above, sample training program that maybe offered under the program are as follows:

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