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Note: This certification applies to Amalgamated Security Services Limited Trinidad & Tobago and its Business Units only (i.e. Geospatial Technology Services, Electronic Security & Integrated Systems, Central Monitoring, Static & Mobile, Armed & Unarmed Security & Guarding including Marine Operations & Canine Security, Investigating Services, and Cash in Transit).

Today's Crime Prevention Tip

DONT POST YOUR VACATION ON SOCIAL MEDIA: You never know whos watching onlineespecially on social media. To ensure the safety of your home and valuables, refrain from posting your vacation plans online. While youre on the beach and posting pictures on social media, someone could be raiding your home because of your convenient tip-off. You might be friends with several people through social media, but how well do you really know them? This is a question to keep in mind while you are on vacation and thinking about posting real-time status updates. Thus, wait until after you return to post it to your social media. If not, you risk letting would be thieves know in real time where you are and when youre coming back. Its the perfect opportunity for them to break into your home while youre away. These are few things to remember when it comes to social media and being safe:

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Amalgamated Security Retirees

Amalgamated Security Services dedication to its employees does not end at retirement. This page provides information relative to benefits, news and discounts for retirees. 




Who retired from Amalgamated Security in twenty seventeen?

  1. Albert Dominique
  2. Andre Durity
  3. Davis Douglas
  4. Dennis Small
  5. Hamilton De Verteuil
  6. Kelvin Romeo
  7. Lloyd Rocke
  8. Micheal George
  9. Mortimer Hewitt
  10. Roy Lewis
  11. Steve Alleyne
  12. Zacharie Cassanova

Who retired from Amalgamated Security in twenty eighteen?

  1. Alston Bousigard
  2. Andy Lyons
  3. Ann Marie Atteck
  4. Anselm Julien
  5. Anthony Cummings
  6. Antonia Kirton
  7. Arthur Peters
  8. Carl Stanislaus
  9. Carlyle Copeland
  10. Clive Sammy
  11. Clyde James
  12. Colin O'Neil
  13. Cyril Castro
  14. David Balliram
  15. Duncan Stewart
  16. Emmanuel Forde
  17. Errol Bethelmy
  18. Evelyn Malco
  19. Everist Valdez
  20. Farly Liverpool
  21. Fitzroy Ettienne
  22. Francis Fabio
  23. Franklyn King
  24. Gilbert Sinnette
  25. Glen Forde
  26. Godson Andrews
  27. Hilda Celestine
  28. Horace Warden
  29. James Villaroel
  30. Joan Joseph-Guy
  31. John Leacock
  32. John Telesford
  33. Jonathan Romero
  34. Joseph Checkley
  35. Judy Cadoo
  36. Kelvin Correa
  37. Kelvin Halls
  38. Lennox Watson
  39. Leo Phillip
  40. Louis Driscoll
  41. Marilyn Goberdhan
  42. Martha David
  43. Michael Gomez
  44. Michael Robinson
  45. Osmond Jobe
  46. Owen Cadogan
  47. Peter Black 
  48. Phillip Estrada
  49. Rennie Guevarra
  50. Roger Rivas
  51. Rollister Benn
  52. Sieucharan Gocool
  53. Solomon Gonzales
  54. Stephen Fullerton
  55. Thierry WIlliams
  56. Vaughn Brown
  57. Verna La Chapelle
  58. Victor Singh
  59. Wilfred Farrier
  60. William Pitt
  61. Winston Springer
  62. Yvonne Jones
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Amalgamated Security, Trinidad

Tel: (868) 626-2775, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amalgamated Security, Guyana

Tel: (592) 600-4512, Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amalgamated Security, Barbados

Tel: (246) 537-2775, Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amalgamated Security, Grenada

Tel: (473) 435-2775

Amalgamated Security, St. Lucia

Tel: (758) 450-9171 

Amalgamated Security, Antigua

Tel: (268) 562-7679