Amalgamated Security Services Limited Corporate Site - Correctional Services Overview Thu, 21 Sep 2023 21:22:55 -0400 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb (Amalgamated Security Services Limited Corporate Site) Other Correctional Services Amalgamated Security provides a range of other services for correctional facilities in addition to those identified on the other pages of this web site.

Correctional Facilities Design
Along with the staff of ASSL who have experience in the management and design of prisons, our company has consultants in various branches of Engineering and Architecture readily available to ASSL whenever required for developing designs for correctional facilities.

Offender Monitoring
Amalgamated Security Services Limited is the leading security services provider in Trinidad and Tobago and has over 10 years experience in the provision of GPS Tracking services, tracking thousands of units in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Grenada.

Prison Health Services
Using a cadre of physician associates, Amalgamated Security is able to provide health services for prisons. Our approach reduces risk to inmate patients, correctional facilities and the public by focusing on early identification and assessment, health education, prevention, treatment, continuity of care and reintegration services.




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Training Services As part of its overall operations Amalgamated Security has established a full-time training unit headed by a Director who holds a Ph.D. in Technical and Vocational Education. The unit designs and conducts training programs for internal use and for third party clients.

We have the ability to tailor specific services such as educational, vocational, substance abuse and related programs to suit client requirements relating to inmate rehabilitation at Correctional Facilities in the Caribbean. Among the programs that we deliver are:

  • Substance Abuse Counseling and Education
  • Cognitive Behavior
  • Educational and Literacy Assistance       *Anger Management     *Employment Readiness Development
  • Family and Individual Counseling            *Life Skills Education      *HIV Education

ASSL also has the capability to work with Prison Services on the development and implementation of training programs for prison staff. We can:

  • Identify training deficiencies
  • Prepare training program outlines
  • Deliver training programs

The Company is approved by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service as a Firearms Training Accreditation Institution. The Company’s instructors are certified by the National Rifle Association of the US, Smith & Wesson, National Tactical Officers Association of the US. Our instructors also possess qualifications such as

  1. Certified Protection Professional (CPP) - American Society for Industrial Security ASIS)
  2. Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) - ASIS
  3. First Aid, CPR, AED Instructor – National Safety Council (NSC)
  4. Defensive Driving Instructor – NSC
  5. Certified in Security Supervision and Management (CSSM) – International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO).

The Company is also certified by a range of other organizations:

  • L3 – Metal Detectors, Baggage Scanners, Package Scanners
  • Ranger – Metal Detector
  • General Electric - Narcotics & Explosives Detection
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Electronic Security Systems for Prisons In keeping with our strong commitment to earn customer confidence by utilizing available modern technology, ASSL provides a service of designing and installing electronic security systems inclusive of close circuit television systems (CCTV) at prisons and other high risk facilities throughout the Caribbean region.

ASSL’s Electronic Security Division provides the complete spectrum of electronic security products that include: Access Control, CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Fire Detection, Intercoms and X-Ray Scanners. In designing an electronic security system for a prison we take into account all the nuances of a prison and ensure that the recommended electronic security devices are appropriate for a correctional facility scenario. In developing our designs we are aided by the fact that within our management team are individuals with a combined 500 years experience in correctional services management.  

Among the electronic security installations that we have done that are specifically related to Correctional Services are the following:

  • CCTV system for Women’s Prison, Golden Grove, Arouca. Trinidad
  • CCTV system for Men’s Prison, Golden Grove, Arouca, Trinidad
  • CCTV system for Youth Training Centre, Golden Grove Arouca, Trinidad
  • CCTV system for Frederick Street Prison, Trinidad
  • Training program for the Technicians and Operators of the CCTV system at Her Majesty’s Prison Barbados

ASSL also has considerable experience in the operation of Walkthrough Metal Detectors and Baggage Scanning Equipment. ASSL has supplied Walkthrough Metal Detectors and Package Scanners to the Barbados Judiciary plus services and maintains Trace Detection Machine, Walk through Metal Detector, X-Ray Baggage Scanner for the Barbados Prison (H.M.S Dodds). ASSL also services and maintain for the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) two (2) Itemiser portable trace detection machines.




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Detainee Escort Service Over the years of its operation, Amalgamated has been involved through its Detainee Escort service in the safekeeping of persons who are denied entry to Trinidad and Tobago by the immigration authorities and must be detained by the carrier (airline or shipping line) until they can be returned to their point of origin. Under this service, Amalgamated is contracted by the airline or shipping line to keep the individual(s) in a specific location until the agent can make the arrangements for the return of the individual. Amalgamated is responsible for ensuring that the individual is kept at the specific location, is provided with adequate meals and is delivered to the agent for repatriation.

In providing this service ASSL would have to deal with all types of individuals, some may be medically unfit; others might be prone to violence or a high flight risk and so have to be restrained. In providing the Detainee Escort service, ASSL has never had an individual escape from its custody nor had any detainee injured.




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Management of Correctional Facilities Amalgamated Security Services has experience in the management of Correctional Facilities.

In December 1997 Amalgamated was awarded a contract by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to provide total management and related custodial and rehabilitative services at their local prison. This prison facility was the only prison in Antigua and so housed all categories of prisoners. The contract was for the total management of the prison and so it involved all activities, which included;

  • Securing the prisoners
  • Feeding the prisoners
  • Transporting prisoners to court
  • Escorting prisoners on outside work details

During the contract period, officers utilizing modern trends in the training and treatment of incarcerated persons reoriented the inmates. Inmates recognized what it meant to be humanely treated in a confined environment.

The Amalgamated Security team that operated the prison was composed of  Officers, Security Personnel, Medical Staff and Welfare Officers. A later part of the contract was the development of local Antiguan citizens to manage the prison. ASSL was therefore involved in the recruiting and training of staff that had no previous experience in the supervision and control of incarcerated individuals. A training program was developed to suit the Laws of Antigua and Barbuda as they relate to their Prison System. The course, in addition to lectures in Prison duties consisted of lectures in First Aid, The Use of Firearms and Ammunition, Flag Etiquette, Basic Foot Drill, the Use of Force and Report and Statement Writing.

After four years of ASSL’s management, stability had returned to the facility and the contract came to an end on August 15, 2001.   The management of the prison was handed back to local staff appointed by the Government of Antigua. The prison management contract was followed by a consulting contract that ran until 2003.

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Contact Us  Correctional Services
Address:   141 Golden Grove Road
               Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
               West Indies
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box #8004,
                        Trinidad & Tobago
                        West Indies

Phone: (868) 669-0943

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Prisoner Transportation Amalgamated Security Services Limited is the only Caribbean company to transport prisoners on behalf of the Government. ASSL has, since 1995, operated the Prisoner Transportation Service for the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Our Prisoner Transportation Division provides the service to all the courts in Trinidad by transporting inmates to and from the Prisons, Institutions and Detention Centers in Trinidad.

Under this service we transport all categories of inmates:

  • Male Remand       *Male Convicted        *Female Remand                *Female Convicted 
  • Male Juvenile       *Female Juvenile       *Mentally Challenged

Each vehicle used on the Prisoner Transportation Service has been specially modified to ensure the safe transport of prisoners. Our experienced officers and specially designed and outfitted, GPS-equipped motor vehicles ensure maximum security for both inmates and officers. Under our Prisoner Transportation Service the Company has transported on average over 120,000 prisoners per year. We stress safety and on-time delivery/pickup. We maintain an excellent safety record and our clients rave about our reliability. Our strong service network guarantees that if an emergency occurs, immediate management response is provide - 24x7.

From the inception of the service to the present there have been no losses on the prisoner transportation service that could be attributed to Amalgamated. We have also never had a single incident of labour unrest. In addition we have never been held liable for any late arrivals at courts in keeping with our motto “Justice on Time”.

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About Us  



About Us

When it comes to Correctional Services, Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) is second to none. We are the only, most experienced and professional private prisoner transportation company in the Caribbean.

Our experienced officers and specially designed and outfitted GPS-equipped vehicles ensure maximum security for both inmates and officers. Our strong service network guarantees that is an emergency occurs, immediate management response is provided 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Since 1995, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago has contracted us to transport prisoners from various detention centers to the courts in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our expertise in this area was also recognized by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda which awarded ASSL a contract to provide total management and related custodial and rehabilitative services at its local prison during the period 1997 to 2003.

We understand that the key to success is maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and with this in mind we are continuously improving our capability in this area.

We always deliver "Justice on Time" with our fleet of specially designed and built vehicles. Our executive staff possesses over 500 years of cumulative experience in running correctional facilities making us truly the best at the service we provide.

Amalgamated Security Services Limited

141 Golden Grove Road

Tel: 669-0943







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