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SCREENING PROCESS FOR FUTURE EMPLOYEES: Taking the necessary steps to screen your future employees can help you avoid theft. Background checks, criminal record checks, drug screening, and checking references are important steps to know that you are hiring the right person. Anyone who has theft on their record, or other criminal activities, show that they may be a high-risk person to hire. People who use drugs, or decline any drug screening are a higher risk of stealing in order to support their habit. It's important to know any and all criminal history so you can make an informed decision.


Good evening

I would like to welcome MR. and Mrs. Martinez Commissioner of prisons
Other senior executives from the T&T Prison service
Senior members of the police and prison service
Your families and other related law enforcement branches

And the executives, directors and officers of the prisoner transport division of assl

I welcome the opportunity yet another year to celebrate and share happier moments with colleges that I respect and honor for their yeomen service to society is such trying and dangerous times

This year has brought its own challenges and while we have overcome them it was at great scarify for those whose lives has been lost
I would like us to stand and pause for a few moments in solidarity and recognition of our fallen heroes

I anticipate that the upcoming year would be equally changing and I hope that our training and professionalism would be the tools to help us during these moments.

You may not recognize one of our symbols at PTD a chain with three links colored blue green and gray with the words to hold to keep and to carry and it does symbolize our partnership and I hope that it will also carry us through 2014 creating greater bounds and a stronger chain to defeat the criminal elements that our country and society including each and every one of us faces daily.

I ask of the almighty to continue to shower us with his blessings and to guide our minds and hearts in our daily giving’s and to continue to serve him as he plots our individual paths

We will be recognizing the partnership between the prisons and assl tonight in a special way. I understand from the directors of the PTD Mr. Charles , teddy and Ellis that some special individual recognitions are being delivered as part of the ceremony tonight congratulations to these individuals and I must also thank everyone else for making this partnership work and be as successful as it is today as you are also part of the success of this initiative.


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