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Good evening to

  • His Excellency , Government Ministers
  • Members of the ACCP  Executive body and Secretariat
  • The Caribbean Commissioners of police
  • Dignitaries and Special invited guests
  • Awardees
  • Fellow Members of the fraternity of  Public and Private  Law Enforcement
  • Partners and venders to ACCP
  • The clergy and Media

Welcome to the Amalgamated Security sponsored Social Evening Event at the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

I must confess it is my first visit to the island but it would not be the last .The gracious hospitality of the people and the peacefulness of the environment is one to be proud off.

 Allow me a few moments of  your time  to Once again  stand before you as the Head of Amalgamated Security Services….. a company operating throughout the Caribbean region providing a range of services and products to both the private and public sectors in the field of security  and life safety for over 30 Years.

Our unique model of business and service delivery has outrivaled us over our competitors and has placed us in a very unique position ….to be your partner for outsourced services and product needs. Therefore giving each and every one of you access to our full array of specialized products and services to benefit from……… in your individual fight against Crime.

I bring to the table tonight as part of our continued role regionally….. a great opportunity for any Commissioner of his jurisdiction access to Twenty (20) million dollars US in finance funding for any public law enforcement project that may be considered useful from our range of products and services.

To mention a few I would venture to say….. Systems of CCTV,

X-ray Baggage and Narcotic detection equipment, Forensic Apparatus, to aid in the scientific detection of trace evidence left back at a crime scene, police supplies, body warn camera systems and vehicle tracking solution for fleet management and deployment optimization. GIS solutions for Law Enforcement which will provide statistical data analysis on crime and prevention strategies to include best use of limited resources in support of your community policing initiatives as well as special purpose built vehicles for mobile communication,… operations in hot spot areas and other useful intelligence gathering functions……with the additional benefit of operational capability when key infrastructure is unavailable during natural and manmade disasters…….Training and development of  your Human Capital is but yet another area that we can serve delivering on a unique  range of topics tailored to your individual needs handled by competent Experts in their respective fields ………. To mention a few.

Our regional team and directors, will make themselves available including our resident experts Dr Alleyne and Dr Maurice to any one for expanded discussion as to how this facility can be accessed and what further products and services we can provide to meet your individual need.

As most of you are aware tonight we are also gathered her to acknowledge some very outstanding individuals in public law Enforcement across the region.

When we partnered with the ACCP as an organization I wanted to establish a regional recognition award program for public law enforcement and with the gracious support and consent of the ACCP and its secretariat this was made possible.

Tonight we are going to recognize the top individuals in three established categories this being

  1. Top Caribbean Community Policing Officer
  2. Top Caribbean Crime Fighter
  3. Top Caribbean Career Move

In advance of the pronouncement I would like to say congratulation to the winners as well as the run ups and congratulation to all those nominated from their individual police forces.

This is a tremendous individual achievement as well as one for your individual department and country. A Job well done. And I look forward as well as Amalgamated Security and its Executives who are present her tonight to also celebrate in this very prestigious occasion on our inaugural Regional Awards for outstanding work in Public law Enforcement.

I am excited for the individual awardees and I look forward as time passes to better on the prizes and the expansion into more categories.

In closing I would like to thank the international judges for their prudence in their deliberations and our gracious Host Nation St Kitts and Nevis, the Commissioner of St Kitts Mr. Stafford Liburd and a very special thank you to (ACP) Assistant Commissioner Mr.  Ian Queeley,   and his support staff for all the help rendered. Last but not least the ACCP Secretariat with a special thank you to Marcia Manning and Shirley Flatts.

please forgive me if I  have left out anyone or not followed a protocol.

I wish God Blessing and his continued protection and for each of us to have a safe return journey to our respective countries enriched with the knowledge that we have gained from this conference and do enjoy the balance of the evening.   

Thank you

I would now  like to call Dr Paul Alleyne head of our electronic security and integrated systems division to make  his presentation 

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