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Amalgamated Security Forensic & Criminalistics Unit was founded as a result of the increase in demand for specialized forensic services such as DNA Testing, Chemical Analysis, Questioned Documents, Firearms and Toolmarks and Digital forensic for its cilents. This unit, the first of its kind within a private security organization strives to be the leader and number one supplier for forensic services affording its client the highest level of services and expertise provided within the region.

Vision Statement:

ASSL Forensic & Criminalistics Unit sees itself as a specialized provider of forensic services utilizing highly specialized scientific techniques to ascertain facts from evidence, analysis and interpretation of the data and providing expert testimony. This unit would be the leading provider of forensic services within the region, providing a fast turn around time with reliable and accurate results at affordable prices.

Mission Statement:

ASSL Forensic & Criminalistics Unit mission is to provide to its clients the most technological and advanced techniques used in a wide variety of forensic analyses within the region.

Core Values:
The unit core values are based on timely, unbiased, accurate, and reliable results, which conform to international standards with a high quality assurance.

List of Forensic Services offered: 

  1. Crime Scene Reconstruction
    • Reconstruction of evidence used to re-enact a crime
  2. Biology/DNA Testing
    • DNA Analysis
      • STR analysis
      • Y-STR analysis
      • Non-human
    • Biological fluid identification
      • Serological presumptive/screening tests
    • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
  3. Footwear & Impression Analysis
    • Shoe wear patterns
    • Tire marks and tracks
  4. Identification of Drugs
    • Classification and Quantification of controlled substances
    • Drug Screening & examinations
  5. Firearms & GSR
    • Firearms Examinations
      • Firearm testing to determine functionality and condition
      • Determining the legal status of a firearm
      • Determination of firearm manufacturer 
      • Determination of ammunition caliber or type of powder
      • Firearms bullet and cartridge case comparisons and Identification
      • Serial number Restoration
      • Muzzle to Target distance determinations
      • Historical weapons classification and determination of origin
    • Gunshot Residue Analysis
      • Examination of Clothing, Hands and other items for Gunshot Residue
      • Screening and confirmatory testing for Barium, Antimony and Lead.
  6. Toolmarks
    • Comparsion of tools to toolmarks left on different types of surfaces in an attempt to identify the tool that may have been used in the commission of the crime.
    • Determination of the type of tool which may have created a mark if no tool was recovered
  7. Questioned documents
    • Ink Comparisons
    • Printers and Photocopiers 
    • Handwriting & Signature Comparisons
    • Document Obliterations and Alterations
    • Physical reconstruction of torn, shredded or damaged documents
    • Writing Sequence analysis 
    • Indented Writing Impressions
  8. Toxicology
    • Detection and Identification of drugs and/or poisons from a variety of biological matrices
    • Blood Alcohol Analysis
    • Blood and Urine Drug Screening
    • Determination of the physiological and behavioral effects of a drug on the metabolism or state of mind.
  9. Trace Evidence
    • Recovering, comparing and identifying non-biological trace evidence such as; 
      • Hairs 
      • Fibers 
      • Paint
      • Glass
    • Conducting physical matching of the seized materials
    • Providing scientific and technical support to other forensic disciplines
  10. Digital Forensics
    • Computer Forensics
      • Data Recovery (Hard drives, Flash drives, Email, Cloud storage)
      • Password Recovery
    • Imagery/audio forensics
      • Facial and voice analysis
      • Detection of altered of falsified pictures or videos
      • Specialized photo enhancement techniques
      • CCTV footage analysis and enhancement
      • Biometric and facial sketching software
    • Mobile Forensics
      • Mobile phone Analysis
      • Sim Card Analysis
      • Memory Card Analysis
  11. Training & Consultancy
    • Training
      • Crime scene investigations
        • First Responder
          1. Collection, Preservation and storage of evidence
          2. Chain of Custody 
        • Reports and Documentation
      • Latent Print development techniques
      • DNA Analysis and Interpretation
      • Forensic Statistical analysis 
    • Consultancy can be provided where forensic expertise is needed
  12. Casework & Case Review
    • Casework analysis and review of evidence
  13. Forensic Logistics
    • Work flow and inter discipline design of forensic laboratories
    • Protocol Development
    • Polices Development and implementation
  14. Fire/ Arson
    • Debris Analysis and identification of relevant chemical compounds
    • Determine if accidental or intentional cause of a fire.
    • Determine the point of origin where the fire started.
  15. Paternity and kinship
    • DNA Testing including Y-STRs
      • Determine the parents of a child in question
    • Kinship
      • Determinate relatives and relationships
  16. Explosives
    • Analysis of pre- and post-blast samples to determine type of explosive
    • Identification and quantification of explosives ingredients and related materials
    • Explosives detectors and screening
  17. Fingerprint Development
    • Latent Print Development from a wide variety of surfaces
    • Latent Print Identification and comparisons
  18. Environmental Analysis
    • Analysis and identification of pollutants 
    • Identification of 
    • Isotopic Analysis
  19. LIMS & Database development
    • Laboratory information management systems
    • Development and maintenance of Databases such as required for DNA or Fingerprints
  20. Pathology
  21. Other Forensic Services

The pricing for forensic services are calculated on a per case biases depending on the amount of time required to complete the testing and analysis, as well as the regents required for the successful completion of the testing.
Please contact Dr. Maurice Aboud at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.

Forensic Careers:

Interested in working as a forensic scientist in ASSL Forensic and Criminalistics Unit, Please send a cover letter, resume and copy of credentials to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Us:

Dr. Maurice Aboud, Chief Forensic & Criminalistics Officer
Phone: 626-ASSL ext 1977
Cell: 868-391-0008
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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