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Congratulations To Employees Achieving Certificates Via The Amalgamated Security Learning Management System Site

Amalgamated Security Services Limited launched the Amalgamated Security Learning Management System ELearning site in 2017 ( gauged at encouraging employees and the public at large to enhance their knowledge and skills via an eLearning platform. The site provides a variety of online courses in security, technology, soft skills and business management tailored to meet the everyday individual. Earlier in the month of June, a team lead by Mrs. Pamela Hosein, Chief Administrative Officer undertook the task of developing courses tailored to service delivery and launched the program at the Eric Williams Medical Complex whereby officers at the location were encouraged to participate and pursue the following programs:

  1. Customer Service – Health Care Industry (CSHCI)
  2. General Standing Order – Security Officers (GSO)
  3. Health, Safety & Environment Instructions (HSE)
  4. Eric Williams Medical Complex Site Specific Standing Order. (EWMCS)

Officers listed below pursued and accomplished certificates:

  1. 11476 Carvi Brereton
  2. Annette Balfour
  3. David Isaac
  4. Kevin Mitchell
  5. Josiah Walters
  6. Reynold Elder
  7. Kareem Thomas
  8. Aldon Baptiste
  9. Ryan Francis
  10. Louanna Ellis Griegg
  11. Hannah Timothy
  12. Adrian Punch

Officers listed below pursued and accomplished certificates in all four programs:

  1. 13318 Crystal Saroopsingh
  2. 9897 Fenton Atlo
  3. 15479 Kevin Phillip
  4. 16205 Ijiomah Hamilton
  5. 14440 Gabriel Rodriguez
  6. 2856 Andre Thomas
  7. 5523 Andra Williams
  8. 6748 Cemon Jordan
  9. 16636 Jovaney Thomas
  10. 13319 Susan Saroopsingh
  11. 13473 Aristole Maynard
  12. 13552 Travis Amoroso
  13. 17023 Dillon Sylvester
  14. 15498 Shawn Joseph
  15. 9209 Janelle T Callender
  16. 16627 Michael Neptune
  17. 13310 Bimal Ramdhanie
  18. 17275 Abigail Skeete

Amalgamated Security Services Sponsors Eye on Dependency (EOD) on Radio I95.5 FM

“Continuing to be a good corporate citizen, Amalgamated Security has responded to a request from ‘Eye On Dependency’, a very popular show on radio i95.5FM – for the next couple of months ASSL will not only sponsor the show and thereby allow it to stay live to fulfill its meaningful purpose, but also send representatives of the ASSL Family on the show to introduce the listenership to facets of ASSL that may not be known to the public that much.

In conformance with the show’s tag line “Every Life is a Biography”, employees of Amalgamated Security will also share their success stories on air. On Sunday, 05th of August 2018, a high ranking team of managers opened the series of shows: Director and Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Curtis Cummings; Regional Development Director, Mr. Brian Ramsey; and Deputy Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Ricardo La Borde introduced ASSL to show hosts Natasha & Garth St. Clair and Kyle Saunders as well as their audience.

Show hosts and ASSL managers intensely discussed topics of interest, and the Amalgamated Security management team also gave a little forecast as to what listeners can expect to hear over the next few months. Listen to the recording and join us every other Sunday on radio i95.5FM from 6:15 to 8:00 pm. The next show with ASSL will be broadcasted on the 19th of August 2018.”

Amalgamated Security Ambulance Unit Recognizes Its Employees for Their Achievement in CEVO Certification

Amalgamated Security Services Limited Ambulance Unit staff recognized for their dedication to duty and customer service. Ms. Evette Mitchell awarded Employee of the Month & Driver of the Month for June 2018as well as received citation for Good Customer Service. In addition, Rykiel Alexander and Darren Maharaj presented with their CEVO Certificate and Patch.

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