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Amalgamated Security Recognizes Security Officer Kyle Thomas for his Act of Bravery "Hero guard: ‘I tried to save them all’"

Amalgamated Security recognizes security officer Kyle Thomas for his act of bravery on Sunday July 02nd, 2017, where Mr. Thomas risked his life to save three (3) people who got into difficulties while bathing at Maracas Bay. 

Kyle Thomas is just 19 years old and only on the job as a security guard for two months with the organization. View the full article below:


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Congratulations to Graduating Class 05/2017 - Regional Supervisors Programme

The Management & Staff of Amalgamated Security Services Limited extends a heartful congratulations to the graduating class 05 of the Regional Supervisors Programme and envisage that recipients of the programme will encourage colleagues to pursue and succeed in the program. 

Seen in photo: Front row Left to Right: Joanna E. Alexander, Instructor- Supervisor Programs and Victor Martin - Training Coordinator

Back row Left to Right: RS Zachary Dickson, RS Natasha Eastman, RS Esther Burke Riley, RS Dianne Leacock and Duty Officer David Raymond.

Congratulations to Graduating Class#21- K9 Commando Program

The Management & Staff of Amalgamated Security Services Limited congratulates the graduating class #21 of the K9 Commando Program.

Seen in photo: Graduating class #21 of the Canine Commando Program. The program commenced on 22nd May, 2017 and concluded on 09th June, 2017.

  1. #13632 Samdeye Sinanan
  2. #15462 Henry Sealey
  3. #16209 Albert Celestine
  4. #16212 Lou Francis
  5. #15769 Mark Warner
  6. #7266 Kyle Jordan
  7. #16130 David Braithwaite

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