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Amalgamated Recreational Sport and Cultural Club Sports & Family Day 2017

The Amalgamated Recreational Sport and Cultural Club of Amalgamated Security Services Ltd. hosted its Sports and Family Day on Sunday the 6th August 2017. It was a fun fill day packed with loads of excitement. The theme this year was “A Trip Down Memory Lane” with traditional games such as sack race, red light green light, father and son race, bunny hop, balloon race, musical chairs, hoop wiggle, 100 meter race, box cart race and brown girl in the ring.

This year the sports day committee opted to try something new, instead of a March Past divisional teams presented “Cultural Icons” such as the Village Macco, Daisy Voisin, Labour Day Riots and Blues Devils. The results are as follows:
Overall Champions
1st Place - Admin Team
2nd Place – East Central
3rd Place – SOD & South East

Presentation of Icons
1st place - East Central Division – Village Macco
2nd place - Admin Team – Daisy Voisin
3rd place - South West – Labour Day Butler Riots

Box Cart Competition
1st place - Admin Team
2nd Place - South Central
3rd Place - South East

Rhythm Section - South West Division

All and all it was a well spent day with loyal and dedicated colleagues, supportive family and friends all existing in a relaxing atmosphere.

Amalgamated Security Officers Receive Top Tier Certification - International Foundation for Protection Officers

Amalgamated Security Services Ltd. congratulates our cohort of officers who were successful at the recent examinations held by the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO). The IFPO is a leading security educational institution that provides meaningful education for all levels of security personnel.

The examinations held under the umbrella of the IFPO were the Security Supervision and Management (SSMP) along with the Certified in Security Supervision and Management (CSSM) Certifications. These two programs are top-tier IFPO certifications delivered by the Amalgamated Security Training Academy which are designed to meet the needs of the Security Supervisor and Manager. 

Amalgamated Security recognizes the officers who undertook this challenge in becoming certified because the programs are geared towards shaping supervisors into leaders and motivators of individuals and teams through the efficient management of people, resources and time. Gaining this certification is intended to significantly improve job performance as supervisors are now equipped with a broad understanding of the roles, responsibilities and duties of both officers and supervisors. This overall qualification helps when making the next step towards advancing ones professional career within the security industry.

In the picture are the following persons who are now SSMP and CSSM certified:

  • Elizabeth Seemugal 
  • Herlina Jacob
  • Lora Bertrand 
  • Gillian Duncan 
  • Andy Haynes 
  • Crystal Saroopsingh 
  • Cherry-Ann Williams 
  • Jonathan Meloney 
  • Lou ann McKenzie 
  • Sherland Emmons
  • Kerwin Assam
  • Natasha Weekes

Officers absent from the photo but also SSMP and CSSM certified are:

  • Sean Clarke 
  • Horace Warden 
  • Veronica Samuel 
  • Sherland Emmons 
  • Melinda Valentine 
  • Joan Dominique 
  • Justin Baptiste

Congratulations to Graduating Class#24- K9 Commando Program

The Management & Staff of Amalgamated Security Services Limited congratulates the graduating class #24 of the K9 Commando Program. 


Seen in photo: Graduating class #24 of the Canine Commando Program. The program commenced on 10th July, 2017 and concluded on 25th July, 2017.

  1. #12752 Hakeem Moore
  2. #14770 Nicholas Williams
  3. #13491 Lewis Joseph
  4. #13730 Marvyn Thomas
  5. #11493 Rodney Edmund
  6. #16065 Alex Roopnarine
  7. #16303 Micha Sampson
  8. #16313 Allestiar Harewood
  9. #14564 Jonathan Mitchell
  10. #16064 Samuel Rosales
  11. #6250 Dexter Weeks
  12. #13307 Onassis James

In addition, the Management & Staff congratulates #16313 Allestiar Harewood as the Most Outstanding Recruit.

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