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Investigating Unit

Undercover Business Investigation Services

Very often, Caribbean companies find that they are incurring losses but with no visible signs of any external involvement. This situation often points to some type of internal theft or internal collusion. With internal theft, employees know the company's systems and often take great care to disguise their activities making it difficult to uncover. ASSL's undercover business investigations help companies in Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago get to the root of internal theft problems.

By placing an ASSL operative into your company, you'll receive factual, comprehensive intelligence about theft, collusion, embezzlement, fraud, employee substance abuse, product tampering and other critical concerns. By identifying and eliminating those costly problems, companies can save thousands of dollars.

In addition to security related intelligence, ASSL's undercover business investigations also produce valuable insight about operational issues negatively impacting profitability such as productivity problems, time theft, lax supervision and flagrant disregard for company policies. This type of comprehensive information allows senior management to receive detailed, unbiased intelligence that they would have no way of otherwise receiving.

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